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Ben Willmore Galleries
Ben Willmore Galleries
Ben Willmore Galleries

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3d Creative issue 16/17/20/22/24/27

3DCreative Magazine will focus on techniques, tutorials, interviews, articles, project overviews and galleries. We will have news and reviews too but we ...
3d Creative issue 16/17/20/22/24/27

3d Creative issue 16/17/20/22/24/27

3d Creative issue 16/17/20/22/24/27

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issue 017
issue 020
issue 022
issue 024
issue 027

issue 017/1
issue 017/2
issue 016/1
issue 016/2
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issue 022/2
issue 024/1
issue 024/2
issue 027/1
issue 027/2

2D Artist [February 2009]

2D Artist [February 2009]

2D Artist [February 2009]

PDF | 112 pages | English | 14 MB

A Downloadable PDF Magazine for Concept Art, Digital & Matte Painting creatives around the globe. 2DArtist Magazine will focus on techniques, tutorials, interviews, articles, project overviews and galleries. We will have news and reviews too but we find that these topics are best covered by the online news and CG sites that thrive on daily updates. Our magazine will focus on becoming more of a timeless resource for artists to turn to again and again whether you view it from your screen or choose to print it off.

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3DCreative May 2007

3DCreative May 2007

So, May is here and in the UK we are having an unusually early start to the Summer. We’re not quite cranking up the air conditioning quite yet but it is pleasant - it’s nice, very nice. It has put us all in a good mood, far away from the doom and gloom of the long, cold winter (apologies to our Scandinavian readers; I know your winters are much longer and colder than ours, but hey, that’s why you can ski better than us so it’s all fair in the end). Anyway, enough chat about the weather; this month’s issue should reflect our happy nature as it is a monster issue, and we’ve gone all out this month. This month we feature an exclusive interview with Marco Spitoni, creator of the newly completed “Code: Guardian” short, plus another exclusive interview with Alessandro Baldasseroni, one of my personal all-time favourites (hence this month’s cover). Lead Artist of 10tacle Studios also talks to us this month about his amazing work. The Tuc-Tuc now reaches the penultimate part, and we hope that all of you who have been following it have improved those shader, lighting and rendering skills! Only one more part to go now before we announce the new tutorials series... A big “thanks” finally goes out to all of you who have sent in suggestions for tutorials. We have an enormous list and we are pairing them up with the best artists for the job as we speak (or as I type). So, Including the Galleries, Making Ofs and the Challenge, this is another great value issue. Ed

Pdf | English | 202 pages | 163,8 MB


Flash template Flashden ADVANCED XML WEBSITE

Flash template Flashden ADVANCED XML WEBSITE

Flash template Flashden ADVANCED XML WEBSITE

Flash template Flashden ADVANCED XML WEBSITE

Год выпуска: 2008
Flash 8 ActionScript 2
Динамичный фотогалерейный сайт с поддрержкой XML.
Demo: Демо:
Vertical Accordion Navigation

To add content pages you can edit the navigation XML file where you can specify each content SWF to be loaded. The main navigation also supports Sub Menus, see “Sub Menu Example” in the menu. There are also settings in the XML to change the image path to Company Logo, edit footer text and show/hide the navigation menu on start up.

Load your own SWF
The home page is an example of a loaded SWF with a Flash animation. Please note that the home animation is not XML driven – it’s merely for display purposes.

Dynamic Backgrounds
You can easily add your own backgrounds by saving them to a specific folder and adding each JPEG path in an XML file. Single or multiple backgrounds can be loaded. You can also define the delay in seconds between each background in the backgrounds XML file.

Slide Show Component
With the Slideshow Component you can add multiple images by saving them to a specific folder and adding the image paths and copy in the slideshow XML file. You can also set the delay in seconds between each slide and set the URL link for each image.

Team Members Component
With the Team Members Component you can add your company staff members bio’s by saving their photo to a specific folder and adding their details in the Team Members XML file. The copy supports HTML formatting so you can change font size, colour and decoration and add hyper links. Multiple categories are also supported.

Dynamic Content Window
With this component you can create multiple content windows which all use a generic SWF . By editing each content window XML file you can specify the window dimensions and border size. The copy supports HTML formatting so you can change font size, colour and decoration and add hyper links and images.

News Component
With the News Component you can add news articles by editing the News XML file and saving the images to specific folders. The copy supports HTML formatting so you can change font size, colour and decoration and add hyper links.

Video Gallery Component
You can add videos in either FLV or MP4 format. The video paths and titles defined in the Video Gallery XML . For the thumbnails you can specify the number of rows, columns and the number of thumbnails to appear on screen. Multiple galleries are also supported and the video player supports full screen video mode.

Image Gallery Component
With the Image gallery Component you can add images by editing the Image Gallery XML file and saving the images to specific folders. The copy supports HTML formatting so you can change font size, colour and decoration and add hyper links. Multiple galleries are also supported.

PHP Contact Form Component
Users can send emails directly from this template to your mailbox. All you need to do is define your email address in the PHP file. The contact details can be changed by editing the Contact XML file. The copy supports HTML formatting so you can change font size, colour and decoration and add hyper links.

MP3 Playlist
With this component you can add as many tracks as you wish by saving the MP3 ’s to a specific folder and defining the track titles in the playlist XML file. This player also supports audio streaming and automatically plays through the playlist.

Tween Class
Throughout this template the Tween Class has been used so you can easily change the easing type by replacing Bounce, for example, to Regular, Strong or Elastic in the ActionScript. Instructions to change the easing type is well-documented in the instructions manual. See Tween Class in Flash Help for full list of Tween Class easing properties.

Help File
8 page instructions manual PDF and comments in the code included.

Music by ADG3 Studios
All music tracks in this template were produced by audio maestro ADG3 Studios

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Kelby Training (Обучающий видеокурс по Photoshop)

Kelby Training (Обучающий видеокурс по Photoshop)Kelby Training (Обучающий видеокурс по Photoshop)Kelby Training (Обучающий видеокурс по Photoshop)

Kelby Training (Обучающий видеокурс по Photoshop)Kelby Training (Обучающий видеокурс по Photoshop)Kelby Training (Обучающий видеокурс по Photoshop)

Kelby Training (Обучающий видеокурс по Photoshop)Kelby Training (Обучающий видеокурс по Photoshop)Kelby Training (Обучающий видеокурс по Photoshop)

Kelby Training (Обучающий видеокурс по Photoshop)Kelby Training (Обучающий видеокурс по Photoshop)Kelby Training (Обучающий видеокурс по Photoshop)

Kelby Training (Обучающий видеокурс по Photoshop)Kelby Training (Обучающий видеокурс по Photoshop)Kelby Training (Обучающий видеокурс по Photoshop)

Kelby Training (Обучающий видеокурс по Photoshop)Kelby Training (Обучающий видеокурс по Photoshop)Kelby Training (Обучающий видеокурс по Photoshop)


Part One (24 урока):
Importing, Sorting, and Cataloging

Содержание первой части
Lesson 01 Introduction (2:25)
Lesson 02 Organizing Folders: Where to Store Your Photos? (4:09)
Lesson 03 Importing From a CF Card (8:09)
Lesson 04 Importing From an Existing Folder on Your Computer (5:16)
Lesson 05 Importing From an External Hard Drive (5:05)
Lesson 06 Import Preferences (2:39)
Lesson 07 About DNG (7:07)
Lesson 08 Exporting: Getting Your Photos Out of Lightroom (4:34)
Lesson 09 3 Things You Need to Know About Getting Around Lightroom (3:17)
Lesson 10 Viewing Your Photos (4:53)
Lesson 11 Dual Monitor Support (5:31)
Lesson 12 What To Do First? Find Your Keepers (6:36)
Lesson 13 Saving Your Favorites Into a Collection (8:58)
Lesson 14 Using Smart Collections (4:57)
Lesson 15 Stacking Similar Photos (3:50)
Lesson 16 Keywords and Keyword Sets (7:40)
Lesson 17 Working with Metadata (6:37)
Lesson 18 Applying Keywords and Metadata With the Painter Tool (2:49)
Lesson 19 Finding Your Photos (6:26)
Lesson 20 Renaming Photos (1:45)
Lesson 21 Backing Up Your Catalog (3:53)
Lesson 22 Syncing Between Laptop and Desktop (6:21)
Lesson 23 Quick Develop (and the only time it's useful) (4:05)
Lesson 24 Conclusion (0:48)

Part Two (33 урока):
Developing and Editing Your Photos

Содержание второй части
Lesson 01 Introduction (1:41)
Lesson 02 White Balance (5:47)
Lesson 03 Cropping (5:41)
Lesson 04 Setting the Exposure (5:52)
Lesson 05 Working with Shadows (4:06)
Lesson 06 Brightness and Contrast (2:24)
Lesson 07 Clarity (3:44)
Lesson 08 Color (Saturation, Vibrance) (3:55)
Lesson 09 The Tone Curve (6:47)
Lesson 10 HSL - Adjusting Specific Colors (5:59)
Lesson 11 History and Undos (3:06)
Lesson 12 Before and Afters (1:54)
Lesson 13 Creating Black and Whites (3:12)
Lesson 14 Split Toning (4:02)
Lesson 15 Creating Versions to Experiment With (5:12)
Lesson 16 Making Batch Changes (8:27)
Lesson 17 Detail Part 1: Sharpening (7:55)
Lesson 18 Detail Part 2: Noise Reduction (3:51)
Lesson 19 Detail Part 3: Chromatic Aberration (3:12)
Lesson 20 Frames and Vignettes (6:04)
Lesson 21 Creating and Using Presets (6:20)
Lesson 22 Saving and Loading Presets (6:44)
Lesson 23 Removing Spots (4:53)
Lesson 24 Removing Red Eye (3:43)
Lesson 25 Enhancing Skies with the Graduated Filter (6:58)
Lesson 26 Adjustment Brush Basics (10:09)
Lesson 27 Getting Creative with the Adjustment Brush (6:12)
Lesson 28 Retouching with the Adjustment Brush (6:38)
Lesson 29 Getting Ready to Move to Photoshop (9:22)
Lesson 30 Editing in Photoshop and Then Back to LR (7:39)
Lesson 31 Working with Panoramas (6:00)
Lesson 32 Working with HDR (7:09)
Lesson 33 Conclusion (0:40)

Part Three (16 уроков):
Printing and showing off your photos

Содержание третьей части
Lesson 01 Introduction (1:05)
Lesson 02 Creating a Basic Web Gallery (3:26)
Lesson 03 Customizing Your Web Galleries (7:11)
Lesson 04 Add Some Spice with Flash Galleries (2:54)
Lesson 05 Getting Your Galleries Online (3:35)
Lesson 06 Creating a Quick Slideshow (5:00)
Lesson 07 Customizing Your Slideshow (9:57)
Lesson 08 Adding Opening and Closing Slides (5:18)
Lesson 09 Emailing a Slideshow as a PDF (2:54)
Lesson 10 Showing Slideshows with Dual Monitors (2:57)
Lesson 11 Printing: Basic Layout (7:54)
Lesson 12 Printing: Picture Package Layouts (3:54)
Lesson 13 Printing: Saving Your Layout as a JPEG (3:08)
Lesson 14 Printing: Printing to a Printer (10:38)
Lesson 15 Creative Printing and Saving Presets (5:38)
Lesson 16 Conclusion (0:35)

Kelby Training- Flash CS4 The Basics

RC Concepcion goes over how to create animations using Adobe Flash CS4

Lesson 01 Introduction (0:43)
Lesson 02 The Flash CS4 Interface (4:06)
Lesson 03 Using the Drawing Tools in Flash CS4 (12:20)
Lesson 04 Overview of the Pen Tool (14:45)
Lesson 05 Selecting Objects in Flash CS4 (10:17)
Lesson 06 Painting Objects in Flash CS4 (11:13)
Lesson 07 Working with Text in Flash CS4 (7:34)
Lesson 08 Importing AI files, Layers and Groups (13:55)
Lesson 09 Using Symbols (13:55)
Lesson 10 Using Classic Tweens (11:22)
Lesson 11 New Tweening, Paths, and Easing (14:05)
Lesson 12 3D Rotation in Flash CS4 (15:29)
Lesson 13 Putting it Together! (16:50)
Lesson 14 Basic Actions in Flash CS4 (15:29)
Lesson 15 Importing PSD, Buttons, and Web Links (16:02)
Lesson 16 Publishing Your Movie (5:36)
Lesson 17 Conclusion (0:38)

Год выпуска: 2008-2009
Язык: английский
Видео кодек: H.264
Видео: QuickTime (.MOV) 854 x 480, 356-601 kbps
Аудио: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 44100Hz , mono (1/0)
Продолжительность: 10 часов
Файлы примеров: Присутствуют

Скачать Kelby Training (Обучающий видеокурс по Photoshop)-1.81 Gb

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Serif WebPlus X6 ISO-TBE

Serif WebPlus X6 ISO-TBE

WebPlus X6 является быстрым и простым способом для предприятий, любых клубов - создавать и публиковать привлекательные сайты, без использования кода. Используете ли вы стильные шаблоны или проектируете с нуля, WebPlus X6 позволяет обычным пользователям компьютеров добавить дополнительные возможности для уникальных сайтов с лёгкостью и простотой.

Code-free web design for everyone
WebPlus X6 makes it easy for you to create your own website, even if you’ve never made one before. You don’t need to know how to write code or do anything technical.Simply drag and drop pre-designed objects like buttons, navigation bars, logos, photo galleries, banners, backgrounds and more onto your page where you want them. To complete your site, just add your own text and pictures.

The whole process is intuitive and, if you’ve used other office software, you’ll quickly become familiar with WebPlus X6. Your visitors will never know if you’re a total beginner.

Ready-made sites
The templates and themed layouts in WebPlus X6 are professionally designed, so you know your site will look great from the start. They are easy to customise and there’s an endless range of colour schemes so you can use them to create any type of website.

Simply open a template, add your own text & images, then upload it to the web. Of course, you can always customise the template to suit your needs or start with a blank page and design a completely unique site.Making a professional website has never been this easy.

Everything you need is in this one package
Unlike other website designers, WebPlus X6 simply has everything you need to create a professional website. There’s no need to buy or learn any other programs.

Create an unlimited number of sites and pages. You’ll get built-in photo editing, help whenever you need it, and tools for designing logos, buttons, navigation bars, and banners. You can always use the ready-made ones too.Check and fix your site automatically, preview in any browser to make sure you are happy, then upload to any host, or use Serif’s easy web hosting. You really don’t need anything else to create a website and get it live online.

Design for smartphones, tablets, and desktops
Browsing on mobile devices like smartphones and iPads is really popular. With WebPlus X6, you can design your full-size website at the same time as a version optimised for mobile browsing – and add automatic redirection based on device type or screen size.

There are attractive matching templates for both types of site, but they’re easy to design from scratch to suit any need. Mobile-friendly buttons and graphics are included to optimise pages for mobile browsing, and the sliding banners and photo galleries work beautifully on desktop computers, Android devices, iPads, and iPhones.

Engage visitors with cool gadgets
Keep your visitors coming back to look at fresh content like videos, news feeds, polls and more. Just drag and drop the gadgets you want onto your site, no expertise required.

Display Facebook and Twitter feeds, complete with Like/Follow/+1 and other link sharing buttons, stream YouTube and other videos, add podcasts, blog, and make changes from any internet-connected device.We’ve made it all really easy to do with no programming or complicated set up.

Easy e-commerce and more for business
WebPlus X6 makes it easy for you to engage with customers and do business online. We’ve teamed up with trusted commerce providers like PayPal® to offer step-by-step online store setup so the process is easy and you and your customers know your store is secure. Or you can choose to plug-in any other cart you like.

Comprehensive analytics help you understand visitors’ behaviour so you can tweak your site to be more effective, while AdSense™ provides targeted ads that can be placed on any page and earn you money.

And help your customers find you online with the built-in SEO (search engine optimisation) features, then make sure they can find you in real life too by adding a Google Map to your site.

Год: 2012
Язык: английский
Таблетка: присутствует
Размер: 383.17 Mb

Скачать Serif WebPlus X6 ISO-TBE

VideoCharge Studio

VideoCharge Studio

VideoCharge Studio - это одно из лудших приложение, предназначенное для создания видео, оптимизированного для просмотра в Интернете.

Videocharge Studio позволяет создавать видео-галереи, графические галереи, защищать видеофайлы с помощью "водяных знаков", редактировать видео. VideoCharge Studio представляет собой видеоредактор, который включает все необходимые функции редактирования: вырезка сцен, разбиение видео на части, создание эскизов к каждому клипу,применение фильтров для коррекции изображения и многое другое. VideoCharge Studio также генерирует HTML-код, необходимый для просмотра видео в Интернете, и позволяет выкладывать создаваемое видео на FTP-сервер.

Videocharge Studio is a video editing software which is intended for those users who regularly work with video, create Internet video galleries, convert video files. Videocharge Studio includes all features for video editing: video converting, splitting video into parts, joining several video files into a single one, adding watermark on video or image (add logo to video or photo), embedding image into video file, creating video from several images, editing audio. Videocharge Studio can edit video without reencoding as well. Videocharge Studio supports all existing video formats and can edit DVD or VOB files. It allows you to work via command line interpreter, extracts frames from video, creates thumbnail for video (for torrent video as well), sets metadata. The application supports a batch processing for editing a lot of files, can process all files in a folder, blur some area on the frame of video and remove watermarks from video.

With the help of VideoCharge Studio you can do the following:

• Convert a video, change video or audio stream parameters.
• Convert an image, change image file format, parameters.
• Convert a video avoiding changing file format. Using it, file of the same format will be created keeping video and audio settings.
• Edit video without reencoding. This allows you to save 100% of video quality and edit video file very quickly.
• Changing of file format without reencoding. For example, a quickly way to create FLV video from MKV video file.
• Edit video files of all main formats, including work with DVD and VOB files.
• Work with directory of files. Batch processing.
• Create several video files of different formats or with different parameters on the base of one original file for one generation.
• Extract frames from the video files and save them as image. You can create several images of different formats on the base of one frame.
• Convert a video file and create thumbnail for it all at once.
• Create thumbnail for a torrent video file: a image which contains several frames from the video file organized as a table with added file's metadata: its size, duration, name, etc.
• Set filename and directory for created files using templates. It allows user to use formatting while creating file names.
• Create video of high quality using double pass coding.
• Create one video clip and several thumbnails for it from well distributed frames. For example, you can create a video clip of 1 minute duration and six thumbnails from the following frames: 1, 10s,…, 60s.
• Set metadata for video files. You can set metadata without reencoding too.

• Add watermarks on a frame of the video file or in the graphic file.
• Set the period of time when a watermark will be show in the video. Watermark can be showed one time at a specified place in the video file, several times with specified display time and delay between displays, randomly or using SRT file: this is a file which contains information about display time, text, and the end time of watermark show.
• Set smooth watermark appearance/disappearance (Fade In/Fade Out).
• Add subtitles from SRT file directly to the video file.
• Draw DVD subtitles directly to the video file.
• Move a watermark throughout the frame while video playing.
• Manually record watermark moving throughout the frame: you can preliminary review video file and save watermark motion path.
• Apply effects to the watermarks: shadow effect, embossment, skew, scale and so on.
• Set color of a text watermark.
• Add several watermarks all at once.
• Text for the text watermark can be taken out from a text file. If the text file has several lines, they can be displayed gradually with a specified delay or each line will be displayed in a new created file.
• Set watermark background.
• Add watermark on the base of Animations of GIF images.
• Create watermarks instantly. If watermark shouldn't appear while playing the whole file, you can use "Without reencoding" mode. In this case, only those frames which should have drawn watermarks will be decoded/coded. This will increase speed of video file processing.
• Draw files metadata (name, resolution, date of creation), time, etc. in the video frame.
• Draw rectangles or ellipses.
• Duplicate watermarks throughout the whole frame (tile effect).

Image editing:
• Resize video or image using different algorithm: Bilinear, Bicubic, Lanczos3, Lanczos8.
• Set aspect ratio for video files.
• Apply filters to make better the image, including auto-contrast, auto-level, sharpness, blur video and so on.
• Solve interlace DVD problem with the help of de-Interlace filter.
• Blur some part of the image or video. You can blur any moved element in the video too.
• Remove watermark from the video.

Video editing:
• Extract scene out of the video.
• Split video into several parts by time or according to specified number of parts.
• Join several video files into a single one.
• Join several graphic files into a single video file.
• Audio editing.
• Apply switches between scenes upon joining video files.
• Embed video titles or a simple image to the video file.
• Cut scenes out of the video file.

Extra features for creation of files for WEB:
• Create WEB sites on the base of your HTML Template and graphic/video files.
• Create index pages for video galleries.
• Preliminary view video files and distribute them and their Thumbnails among groups.
• Upload created files on your FTP server using provided FTP Client.

Preliminary work with files which will be created:
• Sort created video files by the name, date, randomly or evenly (if created files are grouped by ten elements, they will be sorted as the following: first group will have the first and the last elements, second group - the second and the second to the last elements and so on).
• Preview files which will be created, delete unnecessary or add additional files: for example, if it is necessary to cut several scenes out of the video file.
• Distribute created files before generation. Using along with WEB galleries, it is possible to preliminary distribute files among groups as you need.
• Preview and select the most successful Thumbnails for the video file.
• Set file coding parameters both for each file separately and for group of files.

Interaction with the software:
• Solve professional tasks of video edition applying the user interface.
• Work with the application via the command line.
• Use Wizard for more convenient work with the application.
• Protect from unexpected completion of the files processing: it is possible to continue your work from the point of termination.

О файле:
Год выпуска: 2012
Язык интерфейса: Rus/Eng
Платформа/OS: Windows XP / Vista / Se7en
Лекарство: Присутствует (patch davlat)
Размер файла: 30.4 Mb

Скачать: "VideoCharge Studio"
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2Dartist № 029 (май 2008)

2Dartist № 029 (май 2008)

Майский номер журнала 2dArtist
Содержание номера:
Nykolai Aleksander
Freelance Artist
Andreas Rocha
Freelance Environment Artist
Michael Kutsche
Award-Winning Conceptual Artist/Illustrator & 3D Artist
The Sketchbook Of Peter Chan
10 of the Best 2D Artworks
Stylised Challenge
This Month’s Finalists/Last Month’s Making Ofs
Painting Tutorial
How to Paint Realistic Hands By Bente Schlick
Speed Painting
With Robin Olausson & Mike Corriero
Matte Painting
Part Four: Adding Fire & Smoke to our Scene
Creature Concept
Part 3 of Mike Corriero’s Tutorial Series
Lord Something
Project Overview By Louis-Philippe Lebel
Did Somebody Just Say Ow?
Project Overview By Nick Harris
Ash and Sam
Project Overview By Jeff Haynie
Digital Art Masters
Free Chapter Promo
About us
Zoo Publishing Information & Contacts

2Dartist № 029 (май 2008)
2Dartist № 029 (май 2008)

Формат: PDF
Страниц: 152
Язык: English

Скачать 185 Мб:
Честно говоря, у меня такое ощущение, что я его уже видел, но поиск ничего не дал, поэтому если это повтор, прошу не судить строго, хорошо?

StudioLine Web (Multilingual)

StudioLine Web (Multilingual)

StudioLine Web - функциональный HTML-редактор, который призван помочь пользователю в создании презентабельного веб-сайта, без дополнительных материальных и временных затрат. Продукт обладает дружественным интерфейсом и позволяет работать без непосредственного обращения к коду, поэтому даже неопытный пользователь освоит работу с ним, приложив минимум усилий. Разработчиком была предусмотрена возможность свободного размещения текстовых и графических элементов в рамках странички, а также реализовано наличие интегрированного графического редактора, при помощи которого можно работать с растровыми и векторными изображениями, применяя к ним имеющиеся фильтры и эффекты.

StudioLine Web (Multilingual)

Более того, присутствует богатая библиотека готовых шаблонов, которые успешно могут быть использованы в качестве основы будущего проекта.

Данная программа сочетает в себе все приложения для создания, публикации и редактирования, включая управление изображениями и редактирование, интегрируясь с 30 графическими программами и даже более того. С помощью множества готовых шаблонов, вы сможете создать свой веб-сайт быстро и легко, как никогда. Плюс ко всему программа позволяет создавать собственные веб-галереи изображений. Имеет дружественный пользовательский интерфейс, благодаря чему создание веб-сайта не вызовет проблем даже у начинающего пользователя!

- Для работы с редактором, от пользователя не требуется никаких знаний HTML и других языков
- Возможность свободного размещения элементов на веб-страничке
- Встроенный графический редактор для работы с растровыми и векторными изображениями
- Использование шаблонов, которые могут послужить в качестве основы для будущего проекта
- Редактор страниц, являющийся основой данной программы
- Встроенный инструмент для придания постоянного вида / стиля веб-сайта
- Поддержка создания фото-галереи, о которой вы только мечтали
- Специальные графические эффекты для графического редактора
- Инструмент управления сайтом, позволяющий управлять как малым, так и крупным проектом
- Публикация и заливка сайта в интернет, с помощью встроенного FTP-менеджера
- Поддержка файлов формата RAW

The Professional Toolkit for Easy-to-Do Websites
With StudioLine Web you realize your web designs in a snap: Images and text are positioned freely and remain editable. In three steps, your page is published to the Internet.

StudioLine Web integrates all functions for designing, publishing and maintaining professional web sites into a single user interface – layout editor, page editor, image archive, image editing, graphics and text effects, picture galleries, file transfer and site management.

An absolute novelty – you easily edit your images, apply special effects and arrange them as collages directly on your page and immediately view the outcome.

Function Tour

- Page Editor
You can drag & drop images and text onto your page and place them at exactly the desired pixel positions. Professional design features such as rulers and magnetic guidelines, design elements and alignment tools help perfect your layout.

- Layout Editor
Achieve a consistent look and feel throughout your web site project with layout templates. Changes to a global layout template will automatically carry through
to the associates pages.

- Web Galleries
You may already have used the entry-level online albums included with StudioLine Photo. With StudioLine Web, you can design your own one-of-a-kind web galleries.

- Graphics Effects
The extensive image editing capabilities of StudioLine Photo are an integral part of the page and layout editors. You can edit and enhance your images
directly on your pages.

- Website Management
StudioLine Web manages your navigation links in its project database and automatically keeps them current.

- Publishing Management
The built-in FTP component keeps track of new, updated and obsolete content. Smart-update technology keeps existing web pages reachable, while site updates are being uploaded.

Optimal Workflow

- Layout 1-2-3
Learn the 3 basic steps of creating a web site with StudioLine.

- Guideline Inspector
Aligning or scaling objects pixel-perfect? Creating a layout grid? Guidelines and rulers are universal tools to get the job done.

- Link Checking
With StudioLine you can easily validate all external links and email addresses.

- Automatic Navigation Links
All pages in a folder need to be linked in sequence? StudioLine does it all!

- Design Elements
Create color panes for menu bars and layout grids.

- Image Placeholders
Give your pages a fresh look with new images. Replacement images can retain previously set properties, such as position, size, links and effects.

Supported Browsers
To view web sites created with StudioLine Web visitors should use one of the following browsers:
Internet Explorer, Version 4.0 and higher
Netscape Navigator, Version 4.0 and higher
Opera, Version 5.0 and higher
Firefox, Version 1.0 and higher
Other W3C DOM Level 2 compatible browsers

ОС: Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista
Интерфейс: Multilangual (Русского языка нет)
Размер: 101.08 Mb
Лекарство: в комплекте

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Журнал 2Dartist №030 (июнь 2008)

Журнал 2Dartist №030 (июнь 2008)

Июньский номер известного журнала "2Dartist".
Журнал 2Dartist №030 (июнь 2008)

В этом номере:
Craig Sellars
Production Designer & Freelance Artist
Jason Chan
Freelance Illustrator & Concept Artist
Jan Ditlev Christensen
Video Games Concept Artist
Sketchbook of Joel Carlo
10 of the Best 2D Artworks
Stylised Challenge
This Month’s Finalists/Last Month’s Making Ofs
Speed Painting
With Marc Brunet & Nick Oroc
Matte Painting
Part Five: Tips & Tricks of Matte Painting
Creature Concept
Part Four of Mike Corriero’s Tutorial Series
Understanding Perspective with Robin Olausson
Half-Octopus Thief
Project Overview by Chuck Wadey
Cave Dwellers
Project Overview by Yap Kun Rong
Head Hunter
Project Overview by WanKok Leong
Project Overview by Marcel Baumann
Ye Pirate Muncher
Digital Art Masters Free Chapter Promotion
About us
Zoo Publishing Information & Contacts
Журнал 2Dartist №030 (июнь 2008)

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Страниц: 139
Язык: English

Журнал 2Dartist №030 (июнь 2008)

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