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Цветочные фоны с дамами в векторе

Цветочные фоны с дамами в векторе

Цветочные фоны с дамами в векторе

Цветочные фоны с дамами в векторе

Цветочные фоны с дамами в векторе

4 Ai файла - архив 5 Mb

TOTAL TRAINING : Adobe Premiere Pro 2 (Full Version)

TOTAL TRAINING : Adobe Premiere Pro 2 (Full Version)

TOTAL TRAINING : Adobe Premiere Pro 2 (Full Version)

TOTAL TRAINING® Adobe Premiere Pro 2.
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» TOTAL TRAINING® Adobe Premiere Pro 2
TOTAL TRAINING : Adobe Premiere Pro 2 (Full Version)

Jacob Rosenberg
Jacob Rosenberg is a California based independent filmmaker, author and digital video expert. For the last 9 years Jacob has worked extensively with Adobe Systems on their editing program Adobe Premiere Pro. The Adobe Press published Jacob's book on Premiere Pro 1.5, while Total Training has released 4 volumes of Premiere training DVDs written and hosted by Jacob.

A film graduate from Emerson College, Jacob's college thesis film Silent Rain in the Ninth can be found on the DVD: Short Cinema Journal 5: Diversity. Jacob has directed a handful of short films as well as a number of music videos (Baha Men, Hieroglyphics, Del the Funky Homosapien).

Currently, Jacob is the online editor and online supervisor for the upcoming IFC film, Dust to Glory; Directed by Dana Brown (Step into Liquid). Dust to Glory utilized an all Adobe workflow that takes an Online High Definition edit directly out to film.

To see more of Jacob's work
To get information on Dust to Glory visit:

TOTAL TRAINING : Adobe Premiere Pro 2 (Full Version)
Title: Adobe Premiere Pro 2
Category: Multimedia & Video
Presenter: Jacob Rosenberg
Platform: Windows & MAC OS
Format: DVD-ROM & Online
Running Time: 17 Hrs, 5 DVDs
Level: Beginner to Advanced
Project Files: Included
Solutions: Multi-User Education Government International More

Description: Learn how to easily produce a video and have it look like it was cut by a professional with this comprehensive video training series for the latest version of Premiere® Pro. Filmmaker and noted author, Jacob Rosenberg, leads you through the extensive capabilities of the most scalable, efficient, and precise editing tool for HD, SD, DV, and Film. With nearly 17 hours of tutorials, you will see how easy it is to maximize your time using Adobe Bridge and many new features including eReview.

This series also contains 9 comprehensive lessons from the training disk, "What® New for Premiere Pro 2", that will get you up to speed quickly on the key new features of Adobe Premiere Pro 2.

* Discover how to easily produce a video and have it look like it was cut by a professional with this in-depth video training series.
* Learn all about new features, including eReview, color correction tools, and a brand new multi-cam workflow.
* Understand the full potential of new formats like HDV.
* Get up-to-speed with additional lessons from the "What® New for Premiere Pro 2" training series.

*Subscriptions to Total Training Online are only available via annual plans. The $249.99 per year is the price of the lowest subscription plan available. The full subscription price is a one-time charge and will be billed to your account at the time of purchase. Total Training Online subscriptions are non-refundable.

TOTAL TRAINING : Adobe Premiere Pro 2 (Full Version)

TOTAL TRAINING : Adobe Premiere Pro 2 (Full Version)

Part 1 - A Tour of Premiere Pro

Lesson 1 - GETTING STARTED (39 min)
1. Exploring New Project Presets
2. Customizing Presets & Modifying Project Settings
3. Loading, Saving & Arranging Workspaces
4. Tricks for Customizing Your Workspace
5. General Preferences
6. Audio & Auto Save Preferences
7. Capture, Device Control & Label Preferences
8. Media & Scratch Disk Preferences
9. Titler, Trim & User Interface Preferences
10. Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts

Lesson 2 - THE PROJECT PANEL (23 min)
1. Importing Media into a Project
2. An Overview of the Project Panel
3. Importing Still Images
4. Organizing Media in the Project Panel
5. Exploring the Project Panel Wing Menu
6. Using the Edit Columns Feature

Lesson 3 - THE SOURCE MONITOR (27 min)
1. Introducing the Source Monitor
2. Assigning In & Out Points
3. Working with Subclips
4. Working with Audio in the Source Monitor
5. Editing Audio & Video Clips
6. Display Options & the Wing Menu
7. Creating & Nesting Sequences

Lesson 4 - THE PROGRAM MONITOR (30 min)
1. Introducing the Program Monitor
2. Making a 3-Point Edit
3. Setting Markers & Using the Transport Controls
4. Looping, Title Safe & Output Options
5. Exploring Realtime Playback & Export Settings
6. Choosing a 24p Conversion Method
7. Choosing a Desktop Display Mode
8. Making Lift & Extract Edits
9. Accessing the Trim Monitor
10. Exploring the Program Monitor Wing Menu

1. Modifying the Default Sequence Settings
2. Creating a New Sequence
3. Adding & Deleting Tracks in the Timeline
4. Changing the Track Display in the Timeline Panel
5. Inside the Track Header
6. Keyframing Opacity & Volume
7. Show Keyframes Settings
8. Setting Target Tracks for Video & Audio
9. Working in the Timecode Control Area & Snapping
10. Setting Markers for DVD Authoring & Editing
11. Final Comments

Part 2 - Working with DV

Lesson 1 - SET UP FOR DV & EXPORT TO TAPE (22 min)
1. Creating the Export to Tape Project
2. Reviewing DV Playback & Project Settings
3. Troubleshooting Device Control Issues
4. Laying Down Color Bars
5. Assigning a Preview File Storage Location
6. Using the Export to Tape Dialog Box

Lesson 2 - THE CAPTURE PANEL (35 min)
1. Setting up for Capture
2. Setting Device Control Preferences
3. Setting up Your Scratch Disks
4. Using the Capture Panel Transport Controls
5. Exploring the Logging & Settings Tabs
6. Logging & Naming Clips
7. Working with Offine Files & Batch Capturing

1. Starting a Rough Cut Edit
2. Refining a Sequence in the Timeline Panel
3. Overlaying versus Inserting Shots
4. Using Pick-up Shots
5. Using the Roll & Slip Edit Tools
6. Using the Match Frame Feature

1. Saving an ffects Workspace
2. Getting around the E.ects Panel
3. Fading up the Opacity of a Clip Using Keyframes
4. Applying a Default Transition in the Timeline
5. Modifying the Properties of a Video Transition
6. Adjusting the Alignment of a Transition
7. Adding Transitions to the Rest of the Scene

1. Creating a Matte Letterbox
2. Creating a Nested Sequence
3. Adding a Counting Leader & Exporting to Tape
4. Working with the Project Manager
5. Final Comments

Part 3 - Title Designer Fundamentals

Lesson 1 - TITLE DESIGNER BASICS (23 min)
1. Creating a Workspace for Titling
2. Introducing the Titler Panel
3. Exploring the Tools Panel
4. Exploring Titler Styles & Properties
5. Working with Basic Text Attributes
6. Importing a Graphic Element into a Title

Lesson 2 - TITLES: OBJECT & TEXT STYLES (28 min)
1. Creating & Distorting an Object
2. Adjusting the Fill & Sheen Properties
3. Adding Stokes to Create Depth
4. Creating & Applying a New Style
5. Creating a New Text Style
6. Integrating Text with Objects
7. Saving & Using Templates

Lesson 3 - TITLES: TEMPLATES (20 min)
1. Accessing the Title Templates
2. Customizing a Title Texture Fill
3. Customizing Title Color & Gradient
4. Importing a Logo to Save as a Bug Template
5. Working with Widescreen Templates
6. Modifying an HDV Title Template

Lesson 4 - TITLES: CUSTOM CREDIT ROLL (20 min)
1. Setting up a New Title Roll
2. Setting up Custom Tab Stops in a Title Crawl
3. Creating, Formatting & Duplicating Text
4. Adjusting Credit Roll Playback
5. Saving Your Credit Roll & Creating a Template
6. Final Comments & Credits

Part 4 - Creating a Photo Montage: Motion, Effects & Audio

Lesson 1 - STILL IMAGE BASICS (25 min)
1. Setting up a Still Image Project
2. Setting Still Image Prefs & Importing Still Images
3. Sorting Imported Stills & Scaling to Frame Size
4. Using Icon View & Automate to Sequence
5. Automating to a Sequence in Selection Order
6. Creating a Background for a Still Image Montage

1. Importing Layered Photoshop Files
2. Sequences, Settings & Workspaces
3. Nesting Photoshop Layers into Sequences

1. Basic Keyframing in the Effect Controls Panel
2. Applying a Bezier Curve to Keyframes
3. Copying & Pasting Motion & Opacity Keyframes
4. Adjusting the Timing of Opacity Keyframes
5. Copying & Pasting Effects
6. Adjusting the Timing for Opacity & Scale

Lesson 4 - MOTION BASICS (35 min)
1. Importing Still Images & Creating Sequences
2. Using the Automate to Sequence Command
3. Adding Motion to Stills
4. Creating & Modifying a Custom Effects Preset
5. Understanding Keyframes & Keyframe Interpolation
6. Modifying Presets
7. Adding Rotation & the Anti-flicker Filter
8. Working with Continuous Bezier Curves
9. Organizing Custom Presets

1. Importing Audio Files
2. Preparing Sequences to be Nested
3. Nesting Sequences in a Master Sequence
4. Cross Dissolving from One Sequence to Another
5. Dipping to Black Between Two Sequences

Lesson 6 - EXPORTING TO DVD (21 min)
1. Creating a DVD Layout from a Template
2. Adding DVD Markers for Navigation
3. Customizing Menus with Backgrounds & Music
4. Adding an Additional Menu Title & Stop Markers
5. Exporting to DVD
6. Final Comments

Part 5 - Workflow: Ocean Futures

Lesson 1 - PROJECT OVERVIEW & V.O. RECORDING (23 min)[/b]
1. Reviewing Scripts & Creating Media Bins
2. Setting Audio Preferences
3. Setting up the Audio Mixer for Recording
4. Recording a Voice Over
5. Importing Media with Bridge

1. Reviewing the Treatment & Adjusting Clip Gain
2. Editing Audio from Source Monitor into Timeline
3. Timeline Editing Techniques
4. Recorning the Voice Over Track
5. Using the Pen Tool to Remove Unwanted Audio
6. Adding Video & Using Source Channel Mapping
7. Techniques for Aligning Video Edits with Audio

1. Building a Custom Sequence Housing 4 Clips
2. Separating the Frame into Quadrants
3. Changing the Size & Position of Clips
4. Slip Editing Shots to Adjust the Action
5. Creating a Custom Fade
6. Creating a Custom Lower Third Animation
7. Building a Title Sequence with Text & Video
8. Creating a Film Strip Effect Sequence

Lesson 4 - FINE TUNING & QUICK FIXES (29 min)
1. Recorning Edits with the Editing Tools
2. Locking the Video Tracks & Finishing the Edit
3. Enhancing Video with Auto Color & Auto Contrast
4. Using the Fast Color Corrector
5. Matching the Color of One Shot to Another
6. Resizing Clips with the Scale & Crop Tools

Lesson 5 - AUDIO FINISHING (28 min)
1. Export Movie Settings & Rendering Video Previews
2. Audio Workspaces & Effect Controls
3. Introducing the EQ Effect
4. Applying the EQ Effect with the Audio Mixer
5. Adding Music to the Mix
6. Adjusting the Music in the Audio Mixer
7. Setting Custom Audio Fades

1. Consolidating a Project with the Project Manager
2. Making Basic Adjustments with the Media Encoder
3. In-Depth Look at Encoding Settings
4. Creating Custom Encoding Presets
5. Encoding Video & Audio for Macromedia® Flash®
6. Final Comments

Part 6 - Advanced Techniques

1. Playing Video in Reverse
2. Creating a Seamless Edit between Shots
3. Using the Trim Panel to a Video Edit
4. Changing Shot Order & Adjusting Linked Audio
5. Shifting Video with the Slip Tool
6. Matching Movement between Shots via Trimming
7. Fading Video to a Color Matte

1. Performing a Three-Way Color Correction
2. Video Levels & Output Options
3. Correcting the Black, Gray & White Balance
4. Adjusting the Tonal Range
5. Performing a Secondary Color Correction
6. Adjusting Hue, Saturation & Luma
7. Using the Video Limiter

Lesson 3 - BUILDING A MULTI-TRACK MIX (23 min)
1. Adding Additional Audio Tracks
2. Working with Submix Tracks & the Audio Mixer
3. Adding & Adjusting Reverb
4. Using the Render and Replace Command
5. Layering Sound Effects in the Timeline
6. Raising the Master Volume of the Sound Effect Tracks

Lesson 4 - 5.1 SURROUND SOUND MIXING (29 min)
1. Converting a Mono or Stereo Mix to 5.1 Surround
2. Inside the 5.1 VU Meters & Audio Mixer
3. Dynamically Adjusting the Pan Using Latch Mode
4. Panning with the Touch & Write Modes
5. Panning an Audio Effect to the Right
6. Boosting Low Frequency by Raising the LFE
7. Setting Audio Output Mapping Preferences
8. Outputting with the Media Encoder
9. Final Comments & Credits

Part 7 - What's New in Premiere Pro 2

Lesson 1 - OVERVIEW OF WHAT'S NEW (46 min)
1. Introducing the New Project Presets
2. Looking at New Project Settings
3. Using Adobe Bridge
4. Testing Out New General Preferences
5. New Audio, Capture & Device Control Preferences
6. Conforming Audio & Using a Media Cache Database
7. Timecode Display, Media Offset & Scratch Disks
8. Using the Timecode Effect & Creating a Guide Track
9. Source Channel Mappings
10. Edit in Adobe Audition™ & Adobe Dynamic Link

1. Arranging Panes & Panels for Audio Mixing
2. Creating a Color Correction Workspace
3. Incorporating the Titler into Your Workspace
4. Toggling Between Different Workspaces

Lesson 3 - WORKING WITH HDV (34 min)
1. HDV Project & Capture Settings
2. Working in the Timeline with HDV Footage
3. Using the Eight-Point Garbage Matte Effect
4. Using the Three-Way Color Corrector
5. Importing Your Sequence into an HD/SDI Project
6. Exporting Your HDV Project
7. Working With HDV in Widescreen
8. Laying Back an HDV Sequence to a DV Tape

Lesson 4 - NATIVE SD & HD/SDI SUPPORT (24 min)
1. Custom Settings for SD/SDI
2. Data Rates, Playback & Rendering for SD/SDI
3. Customizing Settings for HD/SDI
4. Data Rates, Playback & Rendering for HD/SDI
5. Capturing Video & Device Control

Lesson 5 - THE NEW MULTI-CAM WORKFLOW (26 min)
1. Introducing Multi-Cam
2. Using Markers & Synchronizing Clips
3. Multi-Cam Editing
4. Multi-Cam Recording
5. Synchronizing Clips with Numbered Markers
6. Synchronizing & Recording Clips with Timecode
7. Adjusting the Timecode Value to Create a Sync Point

1. Getting Ready for Color Correction
2. White Balancing with the Fast Color Corrector
3. Using the Luma Corrector
4. Using the Video Limiter
5. Using the Luma & Primary Fast Color Correctors
6. Track Mattes & the New Color Correction Tools
7. Radial Track Mattes & Color Correction Techniques

1. Introducing the Three-Way Color Corrector Effect
2. Setting Up for Three-Way Color Correction
3. White Balance & Three-Way Hue Balance and Angle
4. Deffning Shadow, Midtone & Highlight Tonal Ranges
5. Adjusting Black, Gray & White Input/Output Levels
6. Deffning a Secondary Color Correction Range
7. Adjusting Secondary Hue, Saturation & Luma
8. Softening a Selection & Adjusting Midtones
9. Applying a Second Secondary Color Correction
10. Effects Stacking Order & Color Correction Tips

Lesson 8 - USING CLIP NOTES (16 min)
1. Exporting a Sequence for Clip Notes
2. Viewing Sequences & Adding Comments in Clip Notes
3. Adding Markers & Exporting an Embedded Comment

Lesson 9 - CUSTOM DVD AUTHORING (35 min)
1. Introducing DVD Layouts & Templates
2. Setting Scene Selection Markers
3. Modifying Scene Selection Buttons & Previewing
4. Creating a Custom Menu Background
5. Adding Audio to a Menu
6. Adding a Credits Link to the Main Menu
7. Modifying DVD Menu Elements
8. Exploring Burn DVD & Export Settings

Disc-4 and Disc-5
Project Files

TOTAL TRAINING : Adobe Premiere Pro 2 (Full Version)

TOTAL TRAINING : Adobe Premiere Pro 2 (Full Version)

TOTAL TRAINING : Adobe Premiere Pro 2 (Full Version)

TOTAL TRAINING : Adobe Premiere Pro 2 (Full Version)

TOTAL TRAINING : Adobe Premiere Pro 2 (Full Version)

TOTAL TRAINING : Adobe Premiere Pro 2 (Full Version)

TOTAL TRAINING : Adobe Premiere Pro 2 (Full Version)

TOTAL TRAINING : Adobe Premiere Pro 2 (Full Version)

TOTAL TRAINING : Adobe Premiere Pro 2 (Full Version)

TOTAL TRAINING : Adobe Premiere Pro 2 (Full Version)

TOTAL TRAINING : Adobe Premiere Pro 2 (Full Version)

TOTAL TRAINING : Adobe Premiere Pro 2 (Full Version)
TOTAL TRAINING : Adobe Premiere Pro 2 (Full Version)






Продвинутые Видеоуроки по Adobe Premiere Pro 2 !!!
Размер Архива :

Пароль/Password: ALLDAY.RU


F4 Studio Motion Mix - анимационные рамки (Vol1)

F4 Studio Motion Mix - анимационные рамки (Vol1)

Описание: Стильные анимационные рамки. Красивые фоны и рамки на все случаи жизни, от съемок детских праздников до свадебных фильмов. Доступны для любых видеоредакторов, выполненны в виде PNG-последовательности.

Формат: mov, jpeg, png
Размер кадра: 720х576

F4 Studio Motion Mix - анимационные рамки (Vol1) F4 Studio Motion Mix - анимационные рамки (Vol1) F4 Studio Motion Mix - анимационные рамки (Vol1)

Скачать F4 Studio Motion Mix - анимационные рамки (Vol1) - 4.4 Gb :

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Если друг неправ

Если друг неправ

Бывают в жизни моменты, когда очень сложно принять решение. Интересно ваше мнение в следующей ситуации.
Вы присутствуете при споре своего друга с оппонентом. При этом понимаете, что ваш друг неправ в споре. Что важнее: поддержать друга или выступить на стороне правды?
С одной стороны друга терять не хочется, но с другой стороны хочется быть объективным...

Linux: Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop Final (2009)

Linux: Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop Final (2009)

Название: Linux: Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop Final
Год выпуска: 2009
Платформа: Linux
Язык интерфейса: Мультиязычный
Лекарство: Не требуется
Описание: Ubuntu - восходящая звезда на небосклоне Linux. В основе Ubuntu лежит Debian GNU/Linux, известный своей верностью традициям свободного ПО и связанным с этим консерватизмом. Разработчики Ubuntu также неукоснительно следуют своему манифесту (программное обеспечение должно быть бесплатным, локализованным, доступным людям с ограниченными возможностями и допускающим любые модификации), но при этом они придерживаются полугодового релиз-цикла. Каждый выпуск Ubuntu Linux поддерживается в течение 18 месяцев, что позволяет использовать его для решений, требующих стабильной платформы. Ubuntu Linux включает в себя самые последние версии ядра, графической среды X Window System, рабочей среды GNOME/KDE, других ключевых приложений и поддерживает платформы x86, AMD64 и PowerPC. Разработчики Ubuntu тщательно следят за тем, чтобы в дистрибутив были включены все возможные локализации и утилиты для людей с ограниченными возможностями, чтобы Ubuntu мог воспользоваться любой житель Земли.

Среди новшеств:
* Поддержка файловой системы Ext4;
* Обновленные версии программ: Linux ядро 2.6.28, X Server 1.6, тестовый снапшот X.Org 7.5, 3.0.1, GNOME 2.26, GCC 4.3.3, glibc 2.9, Python 2.6.1, Kubuntu (KDE 4.2.2, Qt 4.5, Amarok 2.0.2, KTorrent 3.2, Digikam 0.10.0);
* Существенно сокращено время загрузки, пользователь может начать работу уже через 25 секунд после включения машины. Расширена поддержка оборудования, особенно ноутбуков, WiFi и 3G адаптеров. Большая работа проведена в плане обеспечения надлежащей работы спящего и ждущего режимов, которые теперь корректно работают на большинстве моделей ноутбуков;
* Возможность установки Wine при попытке запустить windows программу, примерно так, как это сейчас сделано для мультимедиа кодеков. Будет значительно упрощена настройка параметров Windows программ, вместо запуска winecfg, возможность установки параметров wine будет интегрирована в системное меню (system / preferences / windows applications);
* Новая система уведомлений

Операционная система: Linux
Процессор: 800МГц
Память: 128
Видеокарта: 16
Свободное место на ЖД: 3 Гб
Размер файла: 719.86 Mb

Linux: Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop Final (2009) Linux: Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop Final (2009)

Скачать Linux: Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop Final (2009):

WB Music - The Ultimate Beginner Series Guitar Theory Basics

WB Music - The Ultimate Beginner Series Guitar Theory Basics

WB Music - The Ultimate Beginner Series: Acoustic Guitar Basics
English | DVD-Video NTSC 720x480 29fps | AC3 256 Kbps 48 KHz | 4.22 GB
Genre: eLearning

The Ultimate Beginner Series has helped thousands of aspiring musicians take their first steps towards experiencing the fun of playing music. Now you can experience both Step 1 and Step 2 together for the first time on DVD. You'll learn how to tune up quickly and accurately, how to change strings, how to play the most popular chords, how to create variety in your rhythm playing, how to create melodies around chords using hammer-ons and pull-offs, how to play in any key using the capo or barre chords, and much more.